Day 3 of the 30 Day FUN/PLEASURE/JOY Challenge

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TODAY'S FUN THING FOR TODAY:  Today I woke up early, mediated and drank tea.  Yea, I channeled my inner 90-year old monk.

Some awesome FUN things other people did:
I started a novel, New Moon, the sequel to Twilight.  Oh, how I enjoy Stephanie Meyer's vampire books!

Yesterday I spent 3 hours in Houston recording myself singing Jason Mraz's "Life is Wonderful" with my mom playing uke and my uncle on keyboards and it was so fun, I didn't feel time passing.

Please keep sharing these because these are really wonderful.

It was slight challenging to have fun today:
Today I was planning to meet my cousin in Flushing to get her wedding pictures taken.

natalie kim and kate.PNG
I am the one on the RIGHT.  We did not plan this trench coat thing.

I left my apartment and went to Penn Station and take the LIRR to Flushing.  Unfortunately, HopStop, (which is AWESOME for Manhattan and I can not live without) didn't have the correct time for departing trains and I was not going to be able to take the LIRR.  I would be late to meet my cousin for her shoot.

Normally, I'd probably have some inner dialogue which would go something like this:

"AUGH, NOW I AM GOING TO BE LATE*. GREAT.  Just kill me.  I hate this.  I hate this.  Why don't I just move to LA, because at least in LA I don't have to take the trains.  Some people are successful and then there is ME!  I am NOT SETTING MYSELF UP FOR SUCCESS, AM I??!!"
(*I'm not always late.  In fact I like to be like Tina Fey's father and show up to everything 15-20 minutes early.)

Slight exaggeration but the truth is I wouldn't have been happy and maybe would have walked on to my cousin's photo shoot all stressed out.

I'm very aware that I'm doing this FUN CHALLENGE, so I need to walk the walk.

I accepted the situation and decided it wasn't a big deal.  I headed towards the E train and as I passed by Kmart, I saw they had Jeremy Lin Jerseys out in front.  That made me smile.

Then I noticed all the green ambling about in the hallway of Penn Station.  The packs of St. Patrick's celebrating people with green tee-shirts didn't look menacing at this time of the day.  They looked overly excited and goofy and that made me laugh.

I had the wait for the 7 Train at Jackson Heights and there could have been MAJOR inner complaining and cursing but instead I took a picture of this design in the window:

natalie kim jackson heights 1.jpg



It casts this really pretty pink glow on all the black, brown, yellow and occasional white people hauling ass and running to go work.  I love Jackson Heights.

When I finally arrived at the bridal place in Flushing, my cousin was getting ready and we chatted about what was going on with all of the wedding planning.  Who was a crazy head and who was stepping up to the plate.

It's not lost on me that nearly two years ago, Kate and her sister, Isabel, lost their mother (my Aunt) to cancer.  With all the wedding planning, my aunt's absence is so heavily felt.  Despite this, Kate is upbeat and cheerful and takes it all in stride.  For that reason, this day was extra special for us and it was really about being there for my cousin during her special time. 

It was one of the most fun days of my life.



Below are some pics of hanging out with my cousin, Kate:

natalie kim kate and josh 1.JPG

natalie kim stuffed animals.JPG

natalie kim kate and josh.JPG

natalie kim kate.JPG

natalie kim kate and josh_2.JPG

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