SUERTWINS! webseries announcement...

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People always ask me:  "SO, whatcha got going on?"  What usually happens is I get sweaty and self conscious and mumble something about auditioning a lot.  Not anymore!  Now if someone asks me, I'm excited to talk about my new upcoming web series, SUPERTWINS!

A few months ago, Trevor Zhou and I came up with an idea for a webseries:  SUPERTWINS!:  fraternal super hero twins, Karin (pronounced KAH-RIN) and KAI. 

I met Josiah Madigan (two time Emmy winning writer and majorly funny guy) came on board to partner on the writing end and six episodes were written.

Kai and Karin are a super hero Odd Couple:  Karin is a go getter, driven and organized.  Kai doesn't really want to be a super hero and likes to party.

We don't really know EXACTLY what we're doing but we're really enjoying the creating part.  Stay tuned for more details!

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